Selling your property at the Costa Blanca


you have decided and are ready to sell

Although you look forward to the moment that your property is sold, there are a lot of steps ahead. Choosing a real estate agent that guides you through the process is a first and important step.

Being able to rely on a process that is not only exciting but more importantly stress-free is a must have. By choosing ADALETA you have found a partner that shares their market knowledge and insights. We’ll join you and support you from start to finish.

Selling a property in 10 steps

Research the local market
Have your property's value estimated
Choose an agent and mandate
Prepare your property for the sale
Marketing of your property
Viewings at the property
Receive an offer
Sales agreement and deposit payment
Sale completion at the notary
Hooray, property sold!

Free valuation

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why do you need one?

Obtaining a correct market value of your property should be a key priority. Although you are more than capable to research the local market, it is not the same as having a market insider giving you an objective valuation.

Home owners are often emotionally attached to their property, which can interfere with the objectivity. It is of course a normal thing to do.

When you see that a property is sold, are you sure that it has been sold at the listed price? When a neighbour tells you a price that a property sold for, is that really true?

Your local estate agent should give you an objective valuation that is not just a random number, but based on facts. Instead of telling you what they think you would like to hear, it should be an easy and informal conversation on how and why the agent comes to a certain price.

Together you can discuss the best approach to achieve the desired result.


how is the value of my house estimated?

An in-person visit to your home is a must in order to obtain a correct estimation. A range of several measurable pieces of data will be used to provide an accurate valuation of your property. Examples of data, but not limited to, are :

- The general condition of your home
- Interior and exterior surfaces
- Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
- Location
- Quality of materials
- Similar properties in your area for sale or sold
- Market trends

Further, we listen to your motives and goals. With these findings a price estimate will be shared with you and a recommended listing price will be suggested.

Sales mandate

Deciding to sell your property is one thing. How and with whom is another aspect that can be of big influence. A few decisions at the start of the process can have a direct impact on how well your property is received in the market, how many buyers it attracts, the timeframe and price range you eventually sell for.

What is a seller mandate?

When listing your property for sale with an estate agent, it is important that a sales mandate is signed between the seller and selling agent.

This is a straightforward, legal commitment between the seller and agency. It stipulates the timeframe, conditions and obligations for both parties.

Not only do good agreements make good friends, it results in a better outcome for everyone involved.

There are 3 common types of sales mandates:

  • An open (non-exclusive) mandate: Everyone who got your instruction to sell the property has the right to list and market the property.
  • A joint (co-exclusive) mandate: Generally 2 (but not limited) agencies receive the mandate to sell your property. This differs from a non-exclusive mandate, because you as a seller have to inform each party of your intentions before giving the instruction / signing the agreement. By doing this, each party knows before they agree whom will represent your property and more importantly who will market the property.
  • A sole (exclusive) mandate: One agency is instructed to list and market the property. If other parties show interest, they must be directed to the sole agent.

Whilst you might think an open-mandate is a no-brainer, there are several drawbacks to consider.
Knowing that there are different options available is important. However it is even more important to discuss this with your agent in order to provide you with relevant feedback and guidance.


how much does it cost to sell my property?

Before listing the property for sale, you will need to be aware of the costs involved. Otherwise you risk being hit with an unpleasant surprise later in the process. Knowing what to take into account will give you comfort because you are well prepared.

The main costs when selling a property are :

- Agent commission
- Conveyancing/solicitor fees
- Capital gains tax
- Plusvalia tax
- Energy certificate
- Certificate of habitability
- Cancelation of mortgage

Some of these costs are optional, f.ex. it is possible that you already have an energy certificate.

Therefore, we recommend to discuss this in detail with your agent.


how will Adaleta promote and advertise my property?

It all starts with a plan. To reach a successful transaction, a solid marketing plan is a must.

As each property and seller’s story is different, we will provide an approach. But the goal stays the same, reaching as many potential buyers locally and internationally.
Our services include several points that form a strong marketing plan.

A marketing plan can include :

- High quality pictures taken by a professional photographer
- Unique copy writing in multiple languages
- Video content for maximum exposure
- Digital and paper advertising to boost reach
- Signboards to attract the attention of passerby’s
- Real estate portals to increase online footprint
- Email campaign to our database with ready-to-buy candidates


making the right decision

It’s always exciting to receive an offer. The chance that your property is sold, is suddenly very high. Now it’s time to evaluate and decide how to respond.
The candidate buyer might make a very solid proposition or a very low offer. Never take it personal and let emotions get the best of you.

At this point Adaleta can be of great value by giving you professional and objective feedback.


what's next?

As soon as a price is agreed, a sales contract will be established by your agent. This agreement contains:

- Property details
- Buyer details
- Seller details
- Payment terms
- Ultimate date for completion at the notary


the last step

Almost there! Together with your agent and solicitor the necessary preparations will be made to complete at the Notary office. On average it takes about 2 months between the sales agreement and the completion at the notary.

You have the possibility to be present or give a power of attorney to your solicitor. On the day of completion, both parties sign a title deed, the remaining funds are paid and key handover will take place.

It’s a necessary, and final step of the selling process.


why choose Adaleta?

- Young and dynamic team
- More than 10 years experience in the Spanish real estate market
- Office at favourable location in Lomas de Campoamor (Orihuela Costa)
- Website and services in several languages
- Professional presentation of your property
- Expertise and guidance from the start to finish of the sales process.

We'd love to tell you more during an exploratory and non-binding conversation.

What's next?


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