4 tips to increase the sales potential of your property

August 23, 2021 | Reading time: 2 min

Prepare your property for the sale

In order to maximise the sales price it is important to increase the property’s sales potential. Preparing your house for sale by styling or simply decluttering can add extra support to the final price.

It’s also more appealing on picture or video and less distracting for potential buyers during a viewing.

Not to worry, easy actions can have great results without breaking bank.

4 tips to increase your property's sales potential


Profound cleaning of the entire huis our apartment

Simple right? Having a clean home is a must when selling. However, giving extra attention to details takes you a lot further. When having a garden, trim the bushes and cut the grass. Otherwise the buyer will only see a lot of maintenance. Old carpets can smell dusty. If they can’t be saved, you might be better off throwing it out. Every nook and cranny is thrown under the examining eye of a buyer.


remove personal items and declutter

Buyers need to see themselves living in your property. It’s very hard to visualise this when the property is full of another person’s family pictures. Maybe you love collecting figurines and display them throughout the house? For a buyer it can make the property look and feel packed. Try to keep it neutral and go for a ‘less is more’ approach.


inspect your property

Do a little tour of the house. Check all light fixtures and if necessary change the bulb. Check water taps for caulking, appliances for functionality. If necessary, address the problem. Maybe a wall is a bit smudged, a paint touch-up can really brighten the room again. Making sure the property is in a good, well maintained state. If not, the buyer will only see reasons to lower the asking price.


keep it neutral

What one person loves, another one hates. Taste and style are very personal. We recommend to try to give your house interior a neutral color scheme. Try to avoid very dark colours in small places. Go for an overall concept and stick to it. Your goal is to appeal to as many different persons as possible. Maybe changing your furniture position, an extra plant or a few cushions can create a totally different look and feel. A styled - even when minimal - property grabs a lot more positive attention.