Buying a house at the Costa Blanca


the start of a beautiful story

The process of searching, finding and buying a property can be overwhelming. It’s a big decision after all.

For some it’s the purchase of a holiday home in a sunny country with a different language. Others might be searching for a new place to live and call home.

With Adaleta you can rely on a process that is not only exciting but more importantly stress-free and secure. A partner that shares their market knowledge and insights. Someone to assist you with the realisation of your dream and supports you from start to finish.

Buying a property in 10 steps

Write down your goals and needs
Research the market
Determine your budget
Visit properties with Adaleta
Make an offer
Sign purchase agreement and pay deposit
Engage a solicitor
Pre-completion property inspection
Completion at the notary
Enjoy your home in the sun


what to consider before your search

So you decided to buy a property on the Costa Blanca? Fantastic decision! You might feel like browsing properties for sale straight away. However, ask yourself a few simple questions first. It can really help you find the right home faster.


needs vs desires

Buying a holiday property to spend a few weeks a year? Or rather a second home for frequent use? Or simply to reside full time?

Depending on the purpose, your house goals may vary. Sure, it’s nice to have a hobby-room. But is it really useful for a holiday home?

It’s beautiful that you think of your family and want the children / grandchildren to have their own room. But do you really need 4 bedrooms, or could 3 be sufficient? Will the family be here all at once or is that harder to manage in reality?

Adjusting the requirements to the purpose of the property is generally a good idea. You’ll be well prepared heading into the search. Let’s say you decide for 3 bedrooms instead of 4. This decision, can result in more options. The house should work for you, not the other way around.


what to take into account?

In Spain there is no general percentage, as it varies per region. Luckily, the Costa Blanca is one region: the Valencian community.

When looking at resale properties we recommend to keep a purchase cost of 13% into account. If the preference goes to new build, take 14,5% in consideration. These costs include registration fees or VAT, stamp duty fees, solicitor costs, notary and other.

If you buy a property with a mortgage, there will be an additional cost. As the public deed for the mortgage has to be signed in the notary and registered as well.


possibilities lead to opportunities

No need for beating around the bush. The inventory of Costa Blanca properties for sale is big. At first glance you may even be overwhelmed by the cheer volume of real estate for sale.

However, the Costa Blanca is a vast area and not every property is alike. A little research beforehand, can help you with the elimination process.

Location, location and... location

As you know, the area plays an important role. This can be region wise, but also more precise. Certain neighbourhoods or urbanisations are more popular. Hence demand is high.

Maybe you prefer to have a nice view? Overlooking the beach, a golf course or just a panoramic view? Unfortunately you are not alone. As the number of properties with such characteristics is lower, the value tends to be higher.

Further the situation / positioning can also be impactful. A property overlooking the communal swimming pool, is generally more desired. Same principle for a top floor apartment. Less availability but high in demand.

Lastly, orientation. South facing will attract more attention than east facing. However, if you are buying a summer abode, it can be interesting to pursue the east facing property. Saving you on the initial investment and cooling ;-)

Research the market in 3 steps


browse properties online

The internet makes it a lot easier to start your search. Use property portals to your advantage. Search the area that has your interest and browse listings for sale. This will give you an indication of price levels and availability. Be aware that sometimes prices may be misleading if a listing is not updated.


compare locations

Do you know the area? A big benefit when searching for real estate. If you haven’t been at the Costa Blanca before, it can be hard to understand the location benefits. On the other hand, knowing a specific area well, can make you biased. Therefore, comparing different location aspects can help you to make the right decision, considering your needs and desires.


share your motivation and desires with Adaleta

By sharing your motivation for the purchase, it’s easier for an agent to understand your needs and goals.

The more Adaleta knows you, the better the properties we can suggest.

What are you searching for?

Can't find what you are looking for? Let us know what you are searching for.
You will be automatically informed by e-mail about the new properties in our portfolio that match your criteria.


time to inspect properties for sale

Although doing research is strongly recommended, it’s not the same as viewing properties locally. By seeing the homes in person, you’ll get a better idea of area, general condition and size.

What you learned by researching, is useful to help assess the opportunity. It also gives a feel for pricing as you may have reference points. But the most important part is having a “this-is-it”-moment. If you instantly have a good vibe, the property might just be for you.


found your dream property at the Costa Blanca?

This is it! You have found the property that matches your criteria. A great and exciting feeling at the same time. Now it really begins.

But before you can enjoy your new found home, a few more steps need to be completed.

The process - from sales agreement to title deed

Signing the purchase agreement
Transfer deposit
Legal inspection by solicitor
Apply for NIE
Open Spanish bank account (optional)
Transfer of the remaining funds
Pre-completion inspection
Completion at the notary


important in the purchase process?

YES! When buying a property on the Costa Blanca, or elsewhere in Spain, the professional guidance of a solicitor is recommended. A licensed solicitor will do a complete check to verify if the property is ready for transfer.

The more obvious research is for example verifying the building permits and rights to sell. Further a solicitor will also inspect if the property is subjected to debt. This could be a mortgage, a fiscal procedure or even debt to a utility company.
If there is a debt, they’ll verify the amount and the debt will be paid before the completion of the property at the notary. If not, the new owner could be liable for said debt.

Lastly, the solicitor will also take care of your obligations as a buyer when purchasing a property. This way, you can enjoy your new home stress free!