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January 13, 2023 | Reading time: 2 min


acquisition cost

As it is also common elsewhere, when purchasing a property in Spain additional costs are added to the purchase price.

Below a brief overview of all the acquisitions costs when buying a property on the Costa Blanca.

Transfer tax

This tax applies when purchasing an existing (= resale) property. It is a percentage that applies to the purchase price, varying by autonomous region.

Spain consists of 17 autonomous regions where percentages between 6% and 10% are applied.

For the Costa Blanca (comunidad Valenciana) a tax of 10% is applicable.


Unlike existing properties, new construction is subject to VAT.

This is 10% for the whole of Spain (except the Canary Islands).

Stamp duties for new construction

A second tax to consider in addition to VAT (for new construction): stamp duty.
This tax is paid by the buyer and also depends on the autonomous region.

The rate in Costa Blanca (comunidad Valenciana) is 1.5%.

Stamp duties for mortgage

This tax is due when purchasing the property with a Spanish mortgage. Since November 2018, a decree law has been in effect that requires banks to pay this tax on behalf of the buyer.


For every transfer of Spanish properties (new construction or resale), a deed must be drawn up and signed at the notary. Notary fees are determined by law and are between 0.2% and 0.5% of the total value of the property purchased.


Each notarial deed must be registered by the Spanish Land registry. This cost depends on the price of the property, but is usually between 400 and 650 euros.


When purchasing a property on the Costa Blanca, or elsewhere in Spain, professional guidance by a lawyer is considered desirable.

The lawyer will perform a general check on the property purchased and take care of the buyer's obligations when purchasing the property. This will allow you to enjoy your new home without any stress.

The cost can be freely determined by the lawyer and also depends on what services they need to perform for you. Generally, 1% of the purchase price is taken into account for this purpose.


in %

When purchasing resale homes, we recommend taking into account a 13% purchase cost. If your preference is new construction, consider 14.5%. These include all of the above costs.

Do you decide to take out a Spanish mortgage to purchase the property? Then there will be additional cost. The mortgage deed must be signed at the notary and registered.

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